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Ran Moshe Error Control Coding for B3G/4G Wireless Systems. Paving the Way to IMT-Advanced Standards

Covering the fast evolving area of advanced coding, Error Control Coding for B3G/4G Wireless Systems targets IMT-Advanced systems to present the latest findings and implementation solutions. The book begins by detailing the fundamentals of advanced coding techniques such as Coding, Decoding, Design, and Optimization. It provides not only state-of-the-art research findings in 3D Turbo-codes, non-binary LDPC Codes, Fountain, and Raptor codes, but also insights into their real-world implementation by examining hardware architecture solutions, for example VLSI complexity, FPGA, and ASIC. Furthermore, special attention is paid to Incremental redundancy techniques, which constitute a key feature of Wireless Systems. A promising application of these advanced coding techniques, the Turbo-principle (also known as iterative processing), is illustrated through an in-depth discussion of Turbo-MIMO, Turbo-Equalization, and Turbo-Interleaving techniques. Finally, the book presents the status of major standardization activities currently implementing such techniques, with special interest in 3GPP UMTS, LTE, WiMAX, IEEE 802.11n, DVB-RCS, DVB-S2, and IEEE 802.22. As a result, the book coherently brings together academic and industry vision by providing readers with a uniquely comprehensive view of the whole topic, whilst also giving an understanding of leading-edge techniques. Includes detailed coverage of coding, decoding, design, and optimization approaches for advanced codes Provides up to date research findings from both highly reputed academics and industry standpoints Presents the latest status of standardization activities for Wireless Systems related to advanced coding Describes real-world implementation aspects by giving insights into architecture solutions for both LDPC and Turbo-codes Examines the most advanced and promising concepts of turbo-processing applications: Turbo-MIMO, Turbo-Equalization, Turbo-Interleaving

10651.85 РУБ



Haohong Wang 4G Wireless Video Communications

A comprehensive presentation of the video communication techniques and systems, this book examines 4G wireless systems which are set to revolutionise ubiquitous multimedia communication.4G Wireless Video Communications covers the fundamental theory and looks at systems’ descriptions with a focus on digital video. It addresses the key topics associated with multimedia communication on 4G networks, including advanced video coding standards, error resilience and error concealment techniques, as well as advanced content-analysis and adaptation techniques for video communications, cross-layer design and optimization frameworks and methods. It also provides a high-level overview of the digital video compression standard MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 that is expected to play a key role in 4G networks. Material is presented logically allowing readers to turn directly to specific points of interest. The first half of the book covers fundamental theory and systems, while the second half moves onto advanced techniques and applications. This book is a timely reflection of the latest advances in video communications for 4G wireless systems. One of the first books to study the latest video communications developments for emerging 4G wireless systems Considers challenges and techniques in video delivery over 4G wireless systems Examines system architecture, key techniques and related standards of advanced wireless multimedia applications Written from both the perspective of industry and academia

10422.72 РУБ



Perez Lance C. Trellis and Turbo Coding. Iterative Graph-Based Error Control Coding

This new edition has been extensively revised to reflect the progress in error control coding over the past few years. Over 60% of the material has been completely reworked, and 30% of the material is original. Convolutional, turbo, and low density parity-check (LDPC) coding and polar codes in a unified framework Advanced research-related developments such as spatial coupling A focus on algorithmic and implementation aspects of error control coding

11111.64 РУБ



Allen Levesque H. Modeling of Digital Communication Systems Using SIMULINK

A comprehensive and detailed treatment of the program SIMULINK® that focuses on SIMULINK® for simulations in Digital and Wireless Communications Modeling of Digital Communication Systems Using SIMULINK® introduces the reader to SIMULINK®, an extension of the widely-used MATLAB modeling tool, and the use of SIMULINK® in modeling and simulating digital communication systems, including wireless communication systems. Readers will learn to model a wide selection of digital communications techniques and evaluate their performance for many important channel conditions. Modeling of Digital Communication Systems Using SIMULINK® is organized in two parts. The first addresses Simulink® models of digital communications systems using various modulation, coding, channel conditions and receiver processing techniques. The second part provides a collection of examples, including speech coding, interference cancellation, spread spectrum, adaptive signal processing, Kalman filtering and modulation and coding techniques currently implemented in mobile wireless systems. Covers case examples, progressing from basic to complex Provides applications for mobile communications, satellite communications, and fixed wireless systems that reveal the power of SIMULINK modeling Includes access to useable SIMULINK® simulations online Covering both the use of SIMULINK® in digital communications and the complex aspects of wireless communication systems, Modeling of Digital Communication Systems UsingSIMULINK® is a great resource for both practicing engineers and students with MATLAB experience.

10047.81 РУБ



Krouk Evgenii Modulation and Coding Techniques in Wireless Communications

The high level of technical detail included in standards specifications can make it difficult to find the correlation between the standard specifications and the theoretical results. This book aims to cover both of these elements to give accessible information and support to readers. It explains the current and future trends on communication theory and shows how these developments are implemented in contemporary wireless communication standards. Examining modulation, coding and multiple access techniques, the book is divided into two major sections to cover these functions. The two-stage approach first treats the basics of modulation and coding theory before highlighting how these concepts are defined and implemented in modern wireless communication systems. Part 1 is devoted to the presentation of main L1 procedures and methods including modulation, coding, channel equalization and multiple access techniques. In Part 2, the uses of these procedures and methods in the wide range of wireless communication standards including WLAN, WiMax, WCDMA, HSPA, LTE and cdma2000 are considered. An essential study of the implementation of modulation and coding techniques in modern standards of wireless communication Bridges the gap between the modulation coding theory and the wireless communications standards material Divided into two parts to systematically tackle the topic – the first part develops techniques which are then applied and tailored to real world systems in the second part Covers special aspects of coding theory and how these can be effectively applied to improve the performance of wireless communications systems

11877.96 РУБ



Jean-Guillaume Dumas Foundations of Coding. Compression, Encryption, Error Correction

Offers a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental structures and applications of a wide range of contemporary coding operations This book offers a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental structures and applications of a wide range of contemporary coding operations. This text focuses on the ways to structure information so that its transmission will be in the safest, quickest, and most efficient and error-free manner possible. All coding operations are covered in a single framework, with initial chapters addressing early mathematical models and algorithmic developments which led to the structure of code. After discussing the general foundations of code, chapters proceed to cover individual topics such as notions of compression, cryptography, detection, and correction codes. Both classical coding theories and the most cutting-edge models are addressed, along with helpful exercises of varying complexities to enhance comprehension. Explains how to structure coding information so that its transmission is safe, error-free, efficient, and fast Includes a pseudo-code that readers may implement in their preferential programming language Features descriptive diagrams and illustrations, and almost 150 exercises, with corrections, of varying complexity to enhance comprehension Foundations of Coding: Compression, Encryption, Error-Correction is an invaluable resource for understanding the various ways information is structured for its secure and reliable transmission in the 21st-century world.

8247.97 РУБ



Giulio Colavolpe Wireless Communications. Algorithmic Techniques

This book introduces the theoretical elements at the basis of various classes of algorithms commonly employed in the physical layer (and, in part, in MAC layer) of wireless communications systems. It focuses on single user systems, so ignoring multiple access techniques. Moreover, emphasis is put on single-input single-output (SISO) systems, although some relevant topics about multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems are also illustrated. Comprehensive wireless specific guide to algorithmic techniques Provides a detailed analysis of channel equalization and channel coding for wireless applications Unique conceptual approach focusing in single user systems Covers algebraic decoding, modulation techniques, channel coding and channel equalisation

8472.77 РУБ



Lajos Hanzo Turbo Coding, Equalisation and Space-Time Coding. EXIT-Chart-Aided Near-Capacity Designs for Wireless Channels

Covering the full range of channel codes from the most conventional through to the most advanced, the second edition of Turbo Coding, Turbo Equalisation and Space-Time Coding is a self-contained reference on channel coding for wireless channels. The book commences with a historical perspective on the topic, which leads to two basic component codes, convolutional and block codes. It then moves on to turbo codes which exploit iterative decoding by using algorithms, such as the Maximum-A-Posteriori (MAP), Log-MAP and Soft Output Viterbi Algorithm (SOVA), comparing their performance. It also compares Trellis Coded Modulation (TCM), Turbo Trellis Coded Modulation (TTCM), Bit-Interleaved Coded Modulation (BICM) and Iterative BICM (BICM-ID) under various channel conditions. The horizon of the content is then extended to incorporate topics which have found their way into diverse standard systems. These include space-time block and trellis codes, as well as other Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) schemes and near-instantaneously Adaptive Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (AQAM). The book also elaborates on turbo equalisation by providing a detailed portrayal of recent advances in partial response modulation schemes using diverse channel codes. A radically new aspect for this second edition is the discussion of multi-level coding and sphere-packing schemes, Extrinsic Information Transfer (EXIT) charts, as well as an introduction to the family of Generalized Low Density Parity Check codes. This new edition includes recent advances in near-capacity turbo-transceivers as well as new sections on multi-level coding schemes and of Generalized Low Density Parity Check codes Comparatively studies diverse channel coded and turbo detected systems to give all-inclusive information for researchers, engineers and students Details EXIT-chart based irregular transceiver designs Uses rich performance comparisons as well as diverse near-capacity design examples

14021.69 РУБ



Nikhil Abraham Getting a Coding Job For Dummies

Your friendly guide to getting a job in coding Getting a Coding Job For Dummies explains how a coder works in (or out of) an organization, the key skills any job requires, the basics of the technologies a coding pro will encounter, and how to find formal or informal ways to build your skills. Plus, it paints a picture of the world a coder lives in, outlines how to build a resume to land a coding job, and so much more. Coding is one of the most in-demand skills in todays job market, yet there seems to be an ongoing deficit of candidates qualified to take these jobs. Getting a Coding Job For Dummies provides a road map for students, post-grads, career switchers, and anyone else interested in starting a career in coding. Inside this friendly guide, youll find the steps needed to learn the hard and soft skills of coding—and the world of programming at large. Along the way, youll set a clear career path based on your goals and discover the resources that can best help you build your coding skills to make you a suitable job candidate. Covers the breadth of job opportunities as a coder Includes tips on educational resources for coders and ways to build a positive reputation Shows you how to research potential employers and impress interviewers Offers access to online video, articles, and sample resume templates If youre interested in pursuing a job in coding, but dont know the best way to get there, Getting a Coding Job For Dummies is your compass!

1913.35 РУБ



Nikhil Abraham Coding All-in-One For Dummies

See all the things coding can accomplish The demand for people with coding know-how exceeds the number of people who understand the languages that power technology. Coding All-in-One For Dummies gives you an ideal place to start when youre ready to add this valuable asset to your professional repertoire. Whether you need to learn how coding works to build a web page or an application or see how coding drives the data revolution, this resource introduces the languages and processes youll need to know. Peek inside to quickly learn the basics of simple web languages, then move on to start thinking like a professional coder and using languages that power big applications. Take a look inside for the steps to get started with updating a website, creating the next great mobile app, or exploring the world of data science. Whether youre looking for a complete beginners guide or a trusted resource for when you encounter problems with coding, theres something for you! Create code for the web Get the tools to create a mobile app Discover languages that power data science See the future of coding with machine learning tools With the demand for skilled coders at an all-time high, Coding All-in-One For Dummies is here to propel coding newbies to the ranks of professional programmers.

2551.35 РУБ



Wang Zhaocheng Millimeter Wave Communication Systems

The aim of this book is to present the modern design and analysis principles of millimeter-wave communication system for wireless devices and to give postgraduates and system professionals the design insights and challenges when integrating millimeter wave personal communication system. Millimeter wave communication system are going to play key roles in modern gigabit wireless communication area as millimeter-wave industrial standards from IEEE, European Computer Manufacturing Association (ECMA) and Wireless High Definition (Wireless HD) Group, are on their way to the market. The book will review up-to-date research results and utilize numerous design and analysis for the whole system covering from Millimeter wave frontend to digital signal processing in order to address major topics in a high speed wireless system. This book emphasizes the importance and the requirements of high-gain antennas, low power transceiver, adaptive equalizer/modulation, channeling coding and adaptive multi-user detection for gigabit wireless communications. In addition, the book will include the updated research literature and patents in the topics of transceivers, antennas, MIMO, channel capacity, coding, equalizer, Modem and multi-user detection. Finally the application of these antennas will be discussed in light of different forthcoming wireless standards at V-band and E-band.

9349.1 РУБ



Yoshihiko Akaiwa Introduction to Digital Mobile Communication

Introduces digital mobile communications with an emphasis on digital transmission methods This book presents mathematical analyses of signals, mobile radio channels, and digital modulation methods. The new edition covers the evolution of wireless communications technologies and systems. The major new topics are OFDM (orthogonal frequency domain multiplexing), MIMO (multi-input multi-output) systems, frequency-domain equalization, the turbo codes, LDPC (low density parity check code), ACELP (algebraic code excited linear predictive) voice coding, dynamic scheduling for wireless packet data transmission and nonlinearity compensating digital pre-distorter amplifiers. The new systems using the above mentioned technologies include the second generation evolution systems, the third generation systems with their evolution systems, LTE and LTE-advanced systems, and advanced wireless local area network systems. The second edition of Digital Mobile Communication: Presents basic concepts and applications to a variety of mobile communication systems Discusses current applications of modern digital mobile communication systems Covers the evolution of wireless communications technologies and systems in conjunction with their background The second edition of Digital Mobile Communication is an important textbook for university students, researchers, and engineers involved in wireless communications.

9372.7 РУБ



Camille McCue Getting Started with Coding. Get Creative Code!

A cool coding book—just for kids! When your kid is ready to add coding to their creativity toolbox but you’re not ready to ship them off to coding camp, Getting Started with Coding is here to help them get started with the basics of coding. It walks young readers through fun projects that were tested in the classroom. Each project has an end-goal to instill confidence and a sense of achievement in young coders. Steering clear of jargon and confusing terminology, Getting Started with Coding is written in a language your child can understand. Plus, the full-color design is heavy on eye-catching graphics and the format is focused on the steps to completing a project, making it approachable for any youngster with an interest in exploring the wonderful world of coding. So why send your kid to a camp when they can become a coding champ—right in the comfort of your living room? Introduces the basics of coding to create a drawing tool Teaches how to create graphics and apply code to make them do things Shows how to make things that respond to motion and collision commands Introduces score-keeping and timing into coding If your child is a burgeoning techy with a desire to learn coding, Getting Started with Coding is the perfect place to start.

636.97 РУБ



Momoh James Operation and Control of Electric Energy Processing Systems

The purpose of this book is to provide a working knowledge and an exposure to cutting edge developments in operation and control of electric energy processing systems. The book focuses on the modeling and control of interdependent communications and electric energy systems, Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS), and the interdisciplinary education component of the EPNES initiative.

7812.63 РУБ



Christopher Haupt Ruby For Kids Dummies

The fun way to introduce coding with Ruby to kids If you dont have the chance to take coding classes at school or in camp—or if you just want to learn on your own—Ruby For Kids gears you up to expand your technology skills and learn this popular programming language. Written in a way thats easy to follow—and keeping the super tech-heavy stuff to a minimum—it quickly and easily shows you how to use Ruby to create web and mobile applications with no experience required. Ruby is considered one of the best and simplest languages to start with when youre learning coding. This fun and friendly guide makes it even easier. Broken down into simple projects designed to appeal to younger programmers, Ruby For Kids gets you up and running with core coding concepts in no time. Before you know it, youll be tackling hands-on projects, enjoying the support of a vibrant community, and feeling a sense of accomplishment as you complete projects. Navigate the basics of coding with the Ruby language Use Ruby to create your own applications and games Find help from other Ruby users Offers tips for parents and teachers helping kids learn Ruby So what are you waiting for? Ruby For Kids has everything you need to get in on one of the most popular topics around!

1913.35 РУБ



Andres Kwasinski 3D Visual Communications

Provides coverage of the major theories and technologies involved in the lifecycle of 3D video content delivery Presenting the technologies used in end-to-end 3D video communication systems, this reference covers 3D graphics and video coding, content creation and display, and communications and networking. It covers the full range of key areas from the fundamentals of 3D visual representation to the latest 3D video coding techniques, relevant communication infrastructure and networks to the 3D quality of experience. The book is structured to logically lead readers through the topic, starting with generic and fundamental information, continuing with a detailed section of different visualisation techniques before concluding with an extensive view of 3D mobile communication systems and trends. The authors give most focus to four important areas: 3D video coding and communications; 3D graphics/gaming and mobile communications; end-to-end 3D ecosystem (including 3D display, 3D player, networking facility and 3D quality issues), and future communications and networks advances for emerging 3D experience. Presents the theory and key concepts behind the latest 3D visual coding framework, standards, and corresponding quality assessment Provides fundamental material which forms the basis for future research on enhancing the performance of 3D visual communications over current and future wireless networks Covers important topics including: 3D video coding and communications; 3D graphics/gaming and mobile communications; end-to-end 3D ecosystem; and future communications and networks advances for emerging 3D experience Essential reading for engineers involved in the research, design and development of 3D visual coding and 3D visual transmission systems and technologies, as well as academic and industrial researchers.

9972.41 РУБ



George Pruitt Building Winning Trading Systems with Tradestation

The updated edition of the guide to building trading systems that can keep pace with the market The stock market is constantly evolving, and coupled with the new global economic landscape, traders need to radically rethink the way they do business at home and abroad. Enter Building Winning Trading Systems, Second Edition, the all-new incarnation of the established text on getting the most out of the trading world. With technology now a pervasive element of every aspect of trading, the issue has become how to create a new system that meets the demands of the altered financial climate, and how to make it work. Giving voice to the question on every trader and investors lips, the book asks, «How can we build a trading system that will be paramount for our increasingly stressed markets?» The answer? Establish mechanical trading systems that remove human emotion from the equation and form the cornerstone of a complete trading plan and with greater agility, characteristics that are more important than ever given the kinetic pace of the markets. Presents an all-new strategy for trading systems that will show traders how to create systems that will work in the twenty first century Expert advice from highly respected trading authority, George Pruitt Includes a new website featuring updated TradeStation code and shows how to use the worlds best investment software platform to develop and utilize trading systems that really work Once again paving the way for traders who want to adapt to their environment, Building Winning Trading Systems, Second Edition combines expertise in indicator design and system building in one indispensable volume.

5747.4 РУБ



Автоматический прецизионный ротационный ... - БИН РАН

Полностью моторизованный прецизионный универсальный микротом для ... Микротом оснащен электромеханической системой подачи ножа, ...

Конструкция нескладного ножа. Часть 1. Строение клинка.

Универсальный клинок, приспособлен как для реза, так и для прокалывания острием. Такая форма распространена особенно у охотничьих ножей.

Нож универсальный,12 см, дамасская сталь 69 сл., RAN, Yaxell ...

Нож универсальный,12 см, дамасская сталь 69 сл., RAN, Yaxell купить по цене 7 469 руб. Бесплатная доставка по Москве и в пределах МКАД. Доставка ...

Ножи из дамасской стали – купить в Москве в интернет магазине ...

В сравнение. 5990 ₽. Есть в наличии. Добавить в корзину. Нож универсальный 12 см, дамасская сталь, серия Ran, YAXELL, Япония. Артикул: YA36002.

Отзывы о Кухонный нож Samura Bamboo - Отзовик

ST-0023 Нож кухонный "Samura TAMAHAGANE" универсальный 150мм., VG-10, дамасская .... Покупал три лета назат нож "Yaxell Ran" "шеф" 12.5 см.

YA36002 Нож универсальный 12 см, дамасская сталь, серия Ran ...

УНИКАЛЬНОЕ ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЕ! Нож универсальный 12 см, дамасская сталь, серия Ran, YA36002, YAXELL, Япония: купить в интернет-магазине ножей ...

Yaxell - японские ножи RAN, ZEN и GOU из дамасской стали ...

YAXELL японские НОЖИ серия RAN 69 слоев, ZEN 37 слоев и GOU 101 ... Серия RAN 69 слоев набор ножей - шеф 16,5 см, универсальный 12 см + ...

CRKT Kuk - новый большой утилитарный нож типа курки

17 янв. 2018 г. - CRKT и Ryan Johnson выпустили новый утилитарный нож типа кукри CRKT Kuk ... Представленный нож типа кукри CRKT Kuk уже доступен для заказа ... Casio представила нового флагмана G-Shock — модель Ran. ... Знакомство с универсальным полевым ножом HX OUTDOORS Field Knife

Шеф-нож.ру - Ножи серия "Ran" 69 (Дамасская сталь)

Шеф-нож.ру - Ножи серия "Ran" 69 (Дамасская сталь) ... Нож универсальный 12 см (69 слоёв). Быстрый просмотр. Нож универсальный 12 см (69 слоёв).

Ran archivos - Магазин посуды DELICIA

Ножи Yaxell Ran удачно сочетают в себе практичность и долговечность настоящих японских кухонных ножей ... Нож универсальный 12см Ran, YAXELL.

Ножи на все случаи жизни | BroDude.ru

3 дек. 2015 г. - Проще говоря, это любой удобный универсальный нож, с удобными ножнами и хорошей сталью, как, к примеру, отечественный ...

«YAXELL Нож универсальный 12 см, дамасская сталь YA36002 ...

22 окт. 2018 г. - Нож универсальный 12 см, из дамасской стали 69 слоев, YA36002, серия RAN, YAXELL .... Нож универсальный Yaxell Ran 69 YA36002.

Японские кухонные ножи в Беларуси. Сравнить цены, купить ...

Нож универсальный ZEN, YAXELL. Цену уточняйте .... Нож японский Сантоку RAN, YAXELL,. Цену уточняйте ... Нож универсальный RAN, YAXELL.

Боевые ножи (Зарубежные боевые ножи) Часть 2 | Екабу.ру ...

Нож «Ka-Bar» это американская классика боевых ножей с клинком типа .... нож, грубый и абсолютно «неубиваемый» универсальный инструмент, ...

Ножи Yaxell | Официальный сайт | Японские ножи Яксель по ...

Нож универсальный Yaxell Zen 37 YA35502 .. 5 015 Р. Отзывов: 0. Нож для тонкой нарезки Yaxell Zen 37 YA35516 .. 5 245 Р. Отзывов: 0. Нож для чистки ...

Ножи филейные - интернет магазин Knife.ru

Кухонный нож Arcos Universal 2899-B Arcos · Кухонный нож Arcos Universal 2899- ... Нож кухонный Yaxell Ran YA36009 New Yaxell · Нож кухонный Yaxell ...

Боевые ножи (Зарубежные боевые ножи) Часть 2 » Военное ...

19 дек. 2013 г. - Нож «Ka-Bar» это американская классика боевых ножей с клинком .... «неубиваемый» универсальный инструмент, позволяющий не ...

Купить ножи Yaxell (Япония) - премиальные коллекции из дамаска

Нож кухонный универсальный, 15 см, сталь VG10, микарта. в наличии .... Самый популярный продукт ассортимента Yaxell — ножи серии Ran original.

Ножи Yaxell

Набор ножей 4 шт. серии "Ran" (69 слоев) дамасская сталь с магнитной подставкой. ... Набор ножей серии Ran, нож универсальный 12 см + точилка.

Самая популярная серия ножей Yaxell RAN - 69 слоев настоящего ...

Шикарные кухонные ножи Yaxell RAN - дамасские лезвия из 69 слоев ... Нож универсальный 12 см, дамасская сталь, серия Ran, YAXELL, Япония, Серия.

Универсальный кухонный нож из дамасской стали Yaxell Ran ...

Универсальный кухонный нож из дамасской стали Yaxell Ran "Petty", 69 Layers Damascus with Japanese VG-10 Steel Core, Canvas Micarta Handle 12.0 ...

Побочные эффекты. Академик РАН Юрий Бузиашвили - об ... - АиФ

26 сент. 2018 г. - Потому пациент нередко предпочитает лечь под нож, оздоровиться сразу, не думая о пусть мизерном, но проценте смертности и ...

Как выглядит охотничий нож: его особенности и характеристики ...

Многие предпочитают иметь один нож на все случаи жизни, однако универсального ножа пока не существует. При таком изобилии охотничьих ножей, ...

Нож для охоты - Как выбрать - Советы экспертов - МегаОхота

Как выбрать охотничий нож, который на долгие годы станет рабочим ... Ножи общего назначения применяются для добивания дичи и защиты от .... Как бы нам не хотелось, но универсального ножа, способного одинаково классно ...

Тип ножа: Универсальный Ножи Yaxell - японские кухонные ножи ...

Тип ножа: Универсальный Японские кухонные ножи Yaxell Ran, Gou, Super Gou, Zen, Mon, Kaneyoshi, Yukari, Tsuchimon, Sayaka - лучшие цены, купить в ...

Как использовать нож для самообороны: Оружие: Силовые ...

14 окт. 2016 г. - Есть ситуации, когда нож может превзойти по эффективности ... слишком агрессивно и походил на универсальный инструмент, а не на ...

Боевой нож

Современный боевой нож — наследник старинного кинжала. Но между ними нет ... Нож — и так универсальный инструмент. В не столь уж далёком ...

Нож универсальный Yaxell Ran 69 YA36002 Купить в Москве в ...

Нож универсальный Yaxell Ran 69 YA36002 Нож универсальный с лезвием длиной 12см, из стали VG-10 (61HRC) в обкладках из нержавеющего ...

The Universal magazine

She ran forward, as Jfins has produced the dreadful event is supposed, for the ... nd Thomas Simmons, a young man caught at the knife, and was wounded Ixiut ...

Овощерезка. Универсальный нож для овощей и фруктов - YouTube

Овощерезка. Универсальный нож для овощей и фруктов. novosiboptru. Loading... Unsubscribe from novosiboptru? Cancel Unsubscribe.Ножи Yaxell - купить японские кухонные ножи Яксель в Москве и СПбhttps://www.nozhikov.ru/collection/yaxellСохраненная копияНож универсальный YA36002, 120 мм. 6 290 руб ... Купить. Нож для тонкой нарезки Ran YA36009, 255 мм ... Нож универсальный Gou YA37002, 120 мм.

Нож для стейка Ran, 12 см YA36013 Yaxell - обзор, цена...

Похожие товары. Нож для стейка Classic Ikon, 12 см 4096 WUS Wusthof Цена: 5 660 р. Нож стейковый Zwilling Pro, 12 см 38409-121 Zwilling J.A. Henckels Цена: 5 700 р. Нож кухонный для стейка 13 см "Riviera" 2305 Arcos Цена: 2 430 р. Нож для стейка, 11 см 371501 Arcos Цена: 490 р. Кредит Акции и скидки Условия использования сайта Согласие на обработку своих Персональных данных. Официальный сайт Twenmill является службой экспресс доставки строительных материалов и товаров для дома.

JapanTravel - Японские ножи

... с моей точки зрения полностью соответствует – в результате добротный рабочий универсальный нож с культовой сталью и приемлимой ценой. .... RAN – очень красивые ножи из VG -10 (HRC 60-61) с обкладками из дамаска

Боевые ножи спецназа разных армий мира (часть 2. ВС РФ, СВД ...

25 нояб. 2017 г. - А как должен выглядеть боевой нож спецназа ГРУ? .... «Взрывотехник» создавался как универсальный нож, предназначенный для ...

Купить Нож кухонный универсальный 12 см (69 слоев) YAXELL ...

Нож кухонный универсальный 12 см (69 слоев) YAXELL RAN арт. YA36002 купить с доставкой по Москве, Санкт-Петербургу и всей России. Бонусы при ...

Нож - Форма одежды

Нож праслав. nožь от noziti протыкать режущий инструмент , рабочим ... коми нож Пурт — универсальный охотничий и хозяйственно-бытовой нож, ...

Yaxell ZEN 37 Layers VG-10 Damascus Hammered(Tsuchime) Knife ...

ЗАЧЕМ Мой друг захотел себе хороший кухонный нож и спросил совета в выборе. В итоге ... В данном случае была выбрана модель Chef Knife (Gyuto) 200mm. ...... Считать канатный тест универсальным мерилом глупо. Но тем не ...

Японский нож для нарезки купить в Киеве с доставкой по Украине

Нож для тонкой нарезки 15 см Yaxell Ran 36016 Код товара: 36016 .... Нож для нарезки – это универсальный кухонный инструмент, предназначенный ...

Кузница "Ковчег" - производство ножей из порошковых сталей.

универсальный нож 13 - 15см: подходит для работы с большим набором продуктов, может быть Вашим первым ножом, так как будет выполнять самые ...

Премиум-серия шикарных ножей из Японии YAXELL RAN 69 ...

Купите первоклассный нож Yaxell Ran (69 слоев дамасской стали) в ... Нож универсальный 12 см, дамасская сталь, серия Ran, YAXELL, Япония, Серия.

Прайс-лист ― KLEVIN-KNIFE

Японский кухонный нож YAXELL YA36005 для бутербродов серия "RAN " ... Японский кухонный универсальный нож YAXELL YA36002 серия "RAN " ...

Yaxell Нож для стейка Ran, 12 см YA36013 Yaxell...

Подробнее о товаре, заказе и доставке Характеристики Yaxell Нож для стейка Ran, 12 см YA36013 Yaxell. Серия Ran — 69 слоев дамасской стали ножей серии Ran делают их прочными и стойкими к воздействию коррозии. Многослойное лезвие изготовлено из японской стали VG10 высочайшего класса, которая с каждой стороны з… — ... — — Подробнее о товаре, заказе и доставке. Кухонные ножи — , Yaxell. Похожие товары: Yaxell Нож сантоку Ran, 16.5 см YA36001 Yaxell.

Режущий инструмент - Купить режущий инструмент в Москве ...

Нож из серии "стандарт". Удобная эргономика ручки делает этот нож универсальным как для обвалки, так и для использования в быту. Этот нож ...

"Khife clipart transparent background - Pencil and in color k" — card ...

YAXELL Нож универсальный 12 см, дамасская сталь YA36002 Ran. Ножи Yaxell Ran красивы, удобны и разнообразны — это те причины, которые ...

Выбор кухонных Японцев в дамассковых обкладках : Кухонные ножи ...

Первый из ножей это универсальный нож (Petty) 120-150мм, второй ... YAXELL (GOU 101, RAN Damascus, ZEN 37), Kanetsugu-Saiun, ...

Повышение эффективности и долговечности импульсных машин для ...

Кольцевые ножи и ребра разделяют поступающий внутрь грунт на мелкие фракции, ... Создание универсального устройства, способного работать в ...

Нож универсальный 12 см Yaxell RAN YA36002 - SecurityMag.ru

Нож универсальный 12 см Yaxell RAN YA36002 - один из главных помощников на кухне, эффективен для самых разнообразных операций. Работы ...

Какой вид охотничего ножа выбрать — интернет-магазин ножей ...

Верный спутник любителя активного отдыха – охотничий нож. ... Универсальный, который использовался для обустройства лагерей и при разделке ...

Русские боевые ножи и штыки: pantv

Мол, нож-засапожник был, багинет был, штык был, а вот боевого русского ... у них на вооружении многофункционального универсального боевого ножа.

Ножи Yaxell - купить оригинальные ножи Yaxell по низким ценам в ...

На нашем официальном сайте Yaxell вы можете недорого купить ножи Yaxell по самым ... Нож универсальный 12 см, (161 слой) Yaxell YA37102 · Yaxell.

Ran moshe error control coding for b3g 4g wireless systems paving the way to. Купить кухонные ножи Yaxell Ran из дамасской стали в интернет ...

... обкладах из дамаска. Купить по коду: 15285. в магазине. Купить. 5990 р. Универсальный кухонный нож из дамасской стали Yaxell Ran "Petty" 15.00 см.

Ножи YAXELL - WollMsk.ru

НОЖ УНИВЕРСАЛЬНЫЙ 12 СМ, ДАМАССКАЯ СТАЛ. Быстрый просмотр ... Нож для чистки овощей 8 см, дамасская сталь, серия Ran, YAXELL. Быстрый ...

Твой нож (fb2) | КулЛиб - Классная библиотека! Скачать книги ...

Более того, она ничего не прояснит человеку, который хочет подобрать себе универсальный клинок или нож для каких-то конкретных целей.

Институт всеобщей истории РАН

Институт. О нас · Дирекция · Научные подразделения · Административные отделы · Обеспечивающие подразделения · Ученый совет ...Не найдено: нож ‎универсальныйНожи YAXELL ЯПОНИЯ - Ножи зажигалки подарки Оптом и в ...www.aet-profi.com/index.php?categoryID=778Сохраненная копияПохожиеYAXELL ZEN YA35502 Нож универсальный 12 см 37 слоев ДАМАССКАЯ СТАЛЬ Yaxell, Seki-City, .... Нож Yaxell Ran YA36002 универсальный 12см

Интернет-магазин посуды в Москве, доставка по РФ - Vposude.ru

В современном мире огромное количество видов кухонных ножей. Чтобы приобрести нож ...

Кухонные ножи Marvel: Купить в Москве | Цены на Aport.ru

Кухонные ножи Marvel: цены - от 141руб. в магазинах Москвы. Выбрать и купить кухонный нож Марвел с доставкой в Москву и гарантией.

Ran moshe error control coding for b3g 4g wireless systems paving the way to. Универсальный кухонный нож из дамасской стали Yaxell Ran ...

Универсальный кухонный нож из дамасской стали Yaxell Ran "Petty", 69 Layers Damascus with Japanese VG-10 Steel Core, Canvas Micarta Handle 12.0 ...

Яхтенные ножи купить в Москве по низкой цене | Мореман

Универсальный нож с рукояткой из полипропилена. Длина клинка 10 см. Производитель: .... Нож универсальный с серрейторной заточкой, клинок 11 см ...

Универсальный кухонный нож YAXELL RAN модель YA36002 ...

Представленные на сайте ножи не являются холодным оружием и разрешены к продаже на территории РФ. В комлекте к ножам выдается сертификат.

Кухонные ножи - ТД Карс

5 дней назад - Набор: нож + разделочная доска. Набор: нож + ... Серия: Ran. Коллекция: ... Нож 12 см универсальный дамаск 37 слоев (подробнее).

Нож кухонный универсальный 12 см сталь VG10 микарта серия ...

Нож кухонный универсальный, 12 см, сталь VG10, микарта, серия Ran original, .... Форма рукояти позволяет без устали работать ножами Ran в течение ...

Jagdkommando: нож одного удара | Surv 24 Блоги

20 июл. 2013 г. - Джагкомандо – нож-одного-удара, разработанный специально для ... Его форма говорит сама за себя: Jagdkommando — это нож для .... Нож для военного — универсальный инструмент (как и не для военного).

Нож Для Выживания, Какой Лучше, Виды: с Огнивом, Jungle King ...

Нож для выживания стал одним из незаменимых вещей, следующих за человеком с ... Универсальный нож стал постоянным спутником любого туриста.

ГОСТ Р 51548-2000 Ножи для выживания. Общие технические ...

Настоящий стандарт распространяется на ножи для выживания, являющиеся ..... 9.2 Основные размеры проверяют поверенным универсальным ...

Нож RAN Santoku из дамасской стали универсальный 30060 ...

Нож RAN Santoku из дамасской стали универсальный 30060 : интернет-магазин Rechi.Ua ✓ ТОП-бренды ✓ Новые коллекции ✈ Бесплатная доставка по ...

Yaxell - Superposuda.RU

Быстрый просмотр. Yaxell Нож универсальный Ran, 12 см ... Yaxell Нож обвалочный Ran, 15 см. YA36006 ... Yaxell Нож сантоку Ran, 16.5 см. YA36001.

Посуда Yaxell (Япония) – продажа на cookware.ru

24794 руб. Набор: нож универсальный и точилка Yaxell коллекция Gou. 11242 руб. Набор: нож универсальный и точилка Yaxell коллекция Ran.

Колюще рубящее оружие Средневековья | Виды старинного ...

Одним из самых первых типов холодного оружия в истории человечества был, конечно, нож — универсальный инструмент, который был пригоден как ...

Набор ножей, (нож универсальный и точилка), серия RAN, YAXELL ...

Купить Набор ножей, (нож универсальный и точилка), серия RAN, YAXELL, Япония с доставкой. Японские ножи в ИМ Olive House. Цена: 7469 руб. с ...

Магазины ножей "ШЕФ НОЖ"

Магазин Шеф Нож–продажа ножей и посуды от ведущих европейских брендов.

9 лучших ножей для кухни: рейтинг по отзывам шеф-поваров

Это универсальный японский нож, с 18-сантиметровым лезвием из стали .... Как и другие ножи для кухни премиум-сегмента, шеф-нож серии Ran не ...

Купить дамасские кухонные ножи Yaxell Ran с бесплатной доставкой

Японские дамасские кухонные ножи Yaxell Ran купить с бесплатной доставкой по ... Нож кухонный универсальный 12 см (69 слоев) YAXELL RAN арт.

Универсальный нож, длина лезвия 15 см., серия Ran, Yaxell - Шеф

Универсальный нож, длина лезвия 15 см., серия Ran, Yaxell (Япония), YA36016. Купить в Москве. Низкие цены. Интернет-магазин 1Chef.ru.

Универсальный безопасный складной нож керамбит Morphing ...

28 мар. 2018 г. - Компания Caswell Knives представила первый в своем роде складной нож керамбит Morphing Karambit для выживания, охоты, ...

Виды ножей | Интернет проект Я выживу

Ножи с прямым обухом являются являются классическим типом ножей. Это одни их самых распространенных. По сути, универсальный нож, который, ...

Кухонные ножи | Все о посуде и кухонной утвари для потребителя ...

Ножи Richardson Sheffield Shine, жаропрочная посуда Arcuisine. 2018 Янв 07 ... Недорогой. Достаточно универсальный (если такое понятие вообще применимо к японским ножам). Основное ... Katsura Shun Ran 8" = 130$ 4. Samura ...

Ножи и наборы для стейка

Arcos Нож столовый для стейка Steak Knives, 110мм ... Arcos Нож для стейка Universal, 130мм ... Yaxell Нож из дамасской стали для стейка Ran, 120мм.

Ran moshe error control coding for b3g 4g wireless systems paving the way to. Нож универсальный Yaxell Ran 69 YA36002 Купить в Москве в ...

Нож универсальный Yaxell Ran 69 YA36002 Нож универсальный с лезвием длиной 12см, из стали VG-10 (61HRC) в обкладках из нержавеющего ...

Универсальный антисептик для ран - Страница 2 - Популярное оружие ...

Я предложил обсудить Йодоформ как универсальный антисептик для ведения свежих сильноинфицированных ран и ведения гнойных ран в условиях ...

Список слов HSK 5 | 道 Daostory

Китайские слова для экзамена уровня hsk 5. Этот список китайских слов - обязательное условие ...

Нож для стейка Ran YA36013, 120 мм купить

Купить. Подробнее. Нож для стейка Ran YA36013, 120 мм. Раздел каталога: Бренды ножей. Производитель: Yaxell. Продавец: интернет-магазин Ножиков. Цена актуальна на дату: 07.08.2018 г. На текущий момент цены могут отличаться, предложение не является публичной офертой. Артикул товара: 113698429. Доставка осуществляется Почтой России, экспресс-доставка курьером или заказ забирается самовывозом из пунктов выдачи и постоматов.

Купить кухонные ножи Yaxell Ran из дамасской стали в интернет ...

... обкладах из дамаска. Купить по коду: 15285. в магазине. Купить. 5990 р. Универсальный кухонный нож из дамасской стали Yaxell Ran "Petty" 15.00 см.

Нож для стейка 12 см, дамасская сталь, серия Ran, Yaxell...

рекомендуем посмотреть похожие: Нож поварской Шеф 20 см, дамасская сталь, серия Zen, YAXELL, Япония 10742 руб. Нож Сантоку 16,5 см, дамасская сталь, серия Zen, YAXELL, Япония 10280 руб. Нож универсальный 12 см, дамасская сталь, серия Zen, YAXELL, Япония 7508 руб. Нож для чистки овощей 8 см, дамасская сталь, серия Zen, YAXELL, Япония 6699 руб. ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ. ... Вы можете написать отзыв о «Нож для стейка 12 см, дамасская сталь, серия Ran, Yaxell, япония»: Имя: Отзыв

Отечественные боевые ножи: karelmilitary

Оригинал взят у worldknife в Отечественные боевые ножи Когда я слышу ... у них на вооружении многофункционального универсального боевого ножа.

Кухонные ножи Yaxell: Купить в Украине - Сравнить цены на Price.ua

Price.ua ➤ Мы поможем Вам выбрать Кухонные ножи Yaxell по лучшим ценам в Украине ... Yaxell RAN 36009 · Кухонный нож Yaxell RAN 36009.

Садовые ножи - купить садовый нож с доставкой по Украине ...

от 412 грн.➜ Лучшие Садовые ножи. ... садовые ножи. Нож садовый универсальный Bahco K-AP-1-E ... садовые ножи. Садовый нож FELCO-3.90.60.

Купить YA 36016 Нож кухонный универсальный 150 мм Yaxell дамаск

YA 36006 Нож кухонный универсальный 150 мм Yaxell серия RAN относится к классу luxury. Специализированный нож ручной работы выполнен из ...

Ножи - Rozetka.ua | Купить ножик в Киеве: цена, отзывы, продажа

Ножи, складные, охотничьи в интернет-магазине ➦ Rozetka.ua. ☎: (044) 537-02-22, 0 800 303-344. $лучшие цены, ✈ быстрая доставка, ☑ гарантия!

Кухонные ножи Samura купить в интернет-магазине Best-Kitchen

Кухонные ножи Samura (Самура) купить с доставкой по Москве, Санкт-Петербургу и всей России.

ножи - RAN AN DEN FEIND ! Sei was du willst, aber was du bist, habe ...

RAN AN DEN FEIND ! Sei was du willst, aber ..... Новинка характеризуется как небольшой и универсальный складной нож для повседневного ношения.

Ножи Fiskars - в ассортименте - Инструмент Fiskars

Ножи – большой выбор по отличным ценам от магазина FiskarsMarket! ... Универсальный нож с точилкой 1023618 - фото ...

Музей — Официальный сайт Института Истории ... - ИИАЭ ДВО РАН

Особенно интересны железные топоры-кельты универсального назначения, наконечники стрел, ножи. В период палеометалла достигает своего ...

Купить Yaxell Нож для стейка Ran, 12 см YA36013 Yaxell...

Купить Кухонные ножи Yaxell Нож для стейка Ran, 12 см YA36013 Yaxell в официальном интернет магазине с доставкой и гарантией Yaxell по доступной цене. Yaxell Нож для стейка Ran, 12 см YA36013 Yaxell - отзывы, фотографии, описание, характеристики. ... 69 слоев дамасской стали ножей серии Ran делают их прочными и стойкими к воздействию коррозии. Многослойное лезвие изготовлено из японской стали VG10 высочайшего класса, которая с каждой стороны з...

Отечественные боевые ножи - Энциклопедия вооружений

Выходит так, что нож-засапожник был, багинет был, штык был, а вот ... у них на вооружении многофункционального универсального боевого ножа.

Боевые ножи элитных частей российской армии - ИМПЕРСКИЕ ...

29 дек. 2015 г. - Оригинал взят у kapitankukan в Боевые ножи элитных частей российской армии Шторм Экспериментальная модель универсального ...

Каменные орудия — Википедия

Наблюдения над приматами (в частности, исследования Джейн Гудолл) показывают, что ... орудия весом до килограмма, которые, по видимому, являлись орудиями универсального использования. ... Получался «нож-пила», — орудие, в принципе, худшее, но несравненно более простое в изготовлении.

Нож кухонный 12см "Ран" (69 слоев) (Yaxell) - купить в Москве в ...

Ножи RAN красивы удобны и разнообразны — это те причины, которые привели к популярности бренда и собственно серии. Разнообразие ножей ...

a utility knife - Перевод на русский - примеры английский | Reverso ...

Орудие убийства - универсальный или канцелярский нож. In another incident, a yeshiva ... I ran a utility usage check on Gino Cressida's bakery. Я проверил ...

Кухонные ножи Jero серия classic - ножи-посуда

Нож универсальный 12,5 см Jero Classic арт 5500 AL. Сталь: 1.4116. Твердость стали: 56 HRC. Длина лезвия: 12,5 см. Ручка: Розовое дерево.

Ножи для стейка от официального поставщика

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Универсальные. Сложно представить себе современную кухню без универсального ножа – ведь это именно тот инструмент, который может при ...Не найдено: ranРусский нож - Оружие - Охотники.руhttps://www.ohotniki.ru/weapon/knives/article/2016/03/.../645651-russkiy-nozh.htmlСохраненная копия15 мар. 2016 г. - Но был ли универсальный нож, который используют и как хозяйственный, и как оружие самообороны? Думаю, если сегодня такой ...

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Коллекция RAN – это роскошные японские ножи с удивительно прекрасным фантазийным узором на стальном лезвии. Выполненные из настоящей дамасской стали, сердцевины их лезвий состоят из стального сплава, легированного кобальтом и молибденом, с высоким содержанием углерода и не подверженного коррозии - VG10. ... Для стейка, 12 см. Цена: 6.140 руб. Универсальный, 12 см. Цена: 6.450 руб. Нож Сантоку, 12,5 см. Цена: 7.760 руб. Для бутербродов, 14 см. Цена: 6.340 руб.

Guanrong Chen Distributed Cooperative Control of Multi-agent Systems

A detailed and systematic introduction to the distributed cooperative control of multi-agent systems from a theoretical, network perspective Features detailed analysis and discussions on the distributed cooperative control and dynamics of multi-agent systems Covers comprehensively first order, second order and higher order systems, swarming and flocking behaviors Provides a broad theoretical framework for understanding the fundamentals of distributed cooperative control

10497.42 РУБ



Peng Shi Robust Adaptive Control for Fractional-Order Systems with Disturbance and Saturation

A treatise on investigating tracking control and synchronization control of fractional-order nonlinear systems with system uncertainties, external disturbance, and input saturation Robust Adaptive Control for Fractional-Order Systems, with Disturbance and Saturation provides the reader with a good understanding on how to achieve tracking control and synchronization control of fractional-order nonlinear systems with system uncertainties, external disturbance, and input saturation. Although some texts have touched upon control of fractional-order systems, the issues of input saturation and disturbances have rarely been considered together. This book offers chapter coverage of fractional calculus and fractional-order systems; fractional-order PID controller and fractional-order disturbance observer; design of fractional-order controllers for nonlinear chaotic systems and some applications; sliding mode control for fractional-order nonlinear systems based on disturbance observer; disturbance observer based neural control for an uncertain fractional-order rotational mechanical system; adaptive neural tracking control for uncertain fractional-order chaotic systems subject to input saturation and disturbance; stabilization control of continuous-time fractional positive systems based on disturbance observer; sliding mode synchronization control for fractional-order chaotic systems with disturbance; and more. Based on the approximation ability of the neural network (NN), the adaptive neural control schemes are reported for uncertain fractional-order nonlinear systems Covers the disturbance estimation techniques that have been developed to alleviate the restriction faced by traditional feedforward control and reject the effect of external disturbances for uncertain fractional-order nonlinear systems By combining the NN with the disturbance observer, the disturbance observer based adaptive neural control schemes have been studied for uncertain fractional-order nonlinear systems with unknown disturbances Considers, together, the issue of input saturation and the disturbance for the control of fractional-order nonlinear systems in the present of system uncertainty, external disturbance, and input saturation Robust Adaptive Control for Fractional-Order Systems, with Disturbance and Saturation can be used as a reference for the academic research on fractional-order nonlinear systems or used in Ph.D. study of control theory and engineering.

9372.7 РУБ



Mahmoud Magdi S. Analysis and Synthesis of Fault-Tolerant Control Systems

In recent years, control systems have become more sophisticated in order to meet increased performance and safety requirements for modern technological systems. Engineers are becoming more aware that conventional feedback control design for a complex system may result in unsatisfactory performance, or even instability, in the event of malfunctions in actuators, sensors or other system components. In order to circumvent such weaknesses, new approaches to control system design have emerged which can tolerate component malfunctions while maintaining acceptable stability and performance. These types of control systems are often known as fault-tolerant control systems (FTCS). More precisely, FTCS are control systems which possess the ability to accommodate component failure automatically. Analysis and Synthesis of Fault-Tolerant Control Systems comprehensively covers the analysis and synthesis methods of fault tolerant control systems. It unifies the methods for developing controllers and filters for a wide class of dynamical systems and reports on the recent technical advances in design methodologies. MATLAB® is used throughout the book, to demonstrate methods of analysis and design. Key features: • Provides advanced theoretical methods and typical practical applications • Provides access to a spectrum of control design methods applied to industrial systems • Includes case studies and illustrative examples • Contains end-of-chapter problems Analysis and Synthesis of Fault-Tolerant Control Systems is a comprehensive reference for researchers and practitioners working in this area, and is also a valuable source of information for graduates and senior undergraduates in control, mechanical, aerospace, electrical and mechatronics engineering departments.

11877.96 РУБ



Mingcong Deng Operator-Based Nonlinear Control Systems Design and Applications

Enables readers to master and apply the operator-theoretic approach Control of nonlinear systems is a multidisciplinary field involving electrical engineering, computer science, and control engineering. Specifically, this book addresses uncertain nonlinearity. Beginning with how real plants are modeled as operator-based plants, the author develops a systematic methodology that enables readers to understand a quantitative stability result, a critical factor in any nonlinear control systems stability and performance. Operator-Based Nonlinear Control Systems: Design and Applications focuses on the operator-theoretic approach, offering detailed examples on how to apply it to network controlled systems. In addition to current research results, the author explores future research directions and applications of the operator-theoretic approach. The book begins with an introduction that defines nonlinear systems. Next, it covers: Robust right coprime factorization for nonlinear plants with uncertainties Robust stability of operator-based nonlinear control systems Tracking issues and fault detection issues in nonlinear control systems Operator-based nonlinear control systems with smart actuators Nonlinear feedback control for large-scale systems using a distributed control system device Throughout the book, discussions of actual applications help readers understand how the operator-theoretic approach works in practice. Operator-Based Nonlinear Control Systems is recommended for students and professionals in control theory engineering and applied mathematics. Working with this expertly written and organized book, they will learn how to obtain robust right coprime factorization for modeled plants. Moreover, they will discover state-of-the-technology research results on robust stability conditions as well as the latest system output tracking and fault detection issues that are challenging todays researchers.

9593.94 РУБ



Behnam Kamali AeroMACS. An IEEE 802.16 Standard-Based Technology for the Next Generation of Air Transportation Systems

This is a pioneering textbook on the comprehensive description of AeroMACS technology. It also presents the process of developing a new technology based on an established standard, in this case IEEE802.16 standards suite. The text introduces readers to the field of airport surface communications systems and provides them with comprehensive coverage of one the key components of the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen); i.e., AeroMACS. It begins with a critical review of the legacy aeronautical communications system and a discussion of the impetus behind its replacement with network-centric digital technologies. It then describes wireless mobile channel characteristics in general, and focuses on the airport surface channel over the 5GHz band. This is followed by an extensive coverage of major features of IEEE 802.16-2009 Physical Layer (PHY)and Medium Access Control (MAC) Sublayer. The text then provides a comprehensive coverage of the AeroMACS standardization process, from technology selection to network deployment. AeroMACS is then explored as a short-range high-data-throughput broadband wireless communications system, with concentration on the AeroMACS PHY layer and MAC sublayer main features, followed by making a strong case in favor of the IEEE 802.16j Amendment as the foundational standard for AeroMACS networks. AeroMACS: An IEEE 802.16 Standard-Based Technology for the Next Generation of Air Transportation Systems covers topics such as Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA), coded OFDMA, scalable OFDMA, Adaptive Modulation-Coding (AMC), Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) systems, Error Control Coding (ECC) and Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ) techniques, Time Division Duplexing (TDD), Inter-Application Interference (IAI), and so on. It also looks at future trends and developments of AeroMACS networks as they are deployed across the world, focusing on concepts that may be applied to improve the future capacity. In addition, this text: Discusses the challenges posed by complexities of airport radio channels as well as those pertaining to broadband transmissions Examines physical layer (PHY) and Media Access Control (MAC) sublayer protocols and signal processing techniques of AeroMACS inherited from IEEE 802.16 standard and WiMAX networks Compares AeroMACS and how it relates to IEEE 802.16 Standard-Based WiMAX AeroMACS: An IEEE 802.16 Standard-Based Technology for the Next Generation of Air Transportation Systems will appeal to engineers and technical professionals involved in the research and development of AeroMACS, technical staffers of government agencies in aviation sectors, and graduate students interested in standard-based wireless networking analysis, design, and development.

13793.76 РУБ



Camille McCue Coding For Kids Dummies

An easy-to-grasp introduction to coding concepts for kids Coding For Kids For Dummies breaks coding into a series of small projects, each designed to teach elementary-to-middle-school-aged students a core concept to build a game, application, or other tool. In this his hands-on, friendly guide readers will get access to a leading coding tool that has been designed specifically for kids, showing them how to create the projects provided in the book as well as how to implement them into their own creative work. Written by a teacher and leading advocate of coding education, Coding For Kids For Dummies explains to kids in plain English how to apply the math and logic skills they already have to the subject of coding. In no time, theyll be grasping basic coding concepts, completing their very own technical feats, and arming themselves with the computer science experience and know-how to prepare for a future working with technology. Lay-flat binding allows for easy access as students work on projects Full-color, large-print design make the information more approachable to kids Kids interested in computer science get a competitive edge The author has dedicated her career to enhancing coding and other STEM education in schools If youre a student who wants to learn coding, a parent who wants to help your kid pursue an interest in coding, or a teacher who is in need of a supplemental course book for your computer science class, Coding For Kids For Dummies has you covered.

1913.35 РУБ



Shuang Cong Control of Quantum Systems. Theory and Methods

Advanced research reference examining the closed and open quantum systems Control of Quantum Systems: Theory and Methods provides an insight into the modern approaches to control of quantum systems evolution, with a focus on both closed and open (dissipative) quantum systems. The topic is timely covering the newest research in the field, and presents and summarizes practical methods and addresses the more theoretical aspects of control, which are of high current interest, but which are not covered at this level in other text books. The quantum control theory and methods written in the book are the results of combination of macro-control theory and microscopic quantum system features. As the development of the nanotechnology progresses, the quantum control theory and methods proposed today are expected to be useful in real quantum systems within five years. The progress of the quantum control theory and methods will promote the progress and development of quantum information, quantum computing, and quantum communication. Equips readers with the potential theories and advanced methods to solve existing problems in quantum optics/information/computing, mesoscopic systems, spin systems, superconducting devices, nano-mechanical devices, precision metrology. Ideal for researchers, academics and engineers in quantum engineering, quantum computing, quantum information, quantum communication, quantum physics, and quantum chemistry, whose research interests are quantum systems control.

11877.96 РУБ



Bo Zhu Formation Control of Multiple Autonomous Vehicle Systems

This text explores formation control of vehicle systems and introduces three representative systems: space systems, aerial systems and robotic systems Formation Control of Multiple Autonomous Vehicle Systems offers a review of the core concepts of dynamics and control and examines the dynamics and control aspects of formation control in order to study a wide spectrum of dynamic vehicle systems such as spacecraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and robots. The text puts the focus on formation control that enables and stabilizes formation configuration, as well as formation reconfiguration of these vehicle systems. The authors develop a uniform paradigm of describing vehicle systems’ dynamic behaviour that addresses both individual vehicle’s motion and overall group’s movement, as well as interactions between vehicles. The authors explain how the design of proper control techniques regulate the formation motion of these vehicles and the development of a system level decision-making strategy that increases the level of autonomy for the entire group of vehicles to carry out their missions. The text is filled with illustrative case studies in the domains of space, aerial and robotics. • Contains uniform coverage of «formation» dynamic systems development • Presents representative case studies in selected applications in the space, aerial and robotic systems domains • Introduces an experimental platform of using laboratory three-degree-of-freedom helicopters with step-by-step instructions as an example • Provides open source example models and simulation codes • Includes notes and further readings that offer details on relevant research topics, recent progress and further developments in the field Written for researchers and academics in robotics and unmanned systems looking at motion synchronization and formation problems, Formation Control of Multiple Autonomous Vehicle Systems is a vital resource that explores the motion synchronization and formation control of vehicle systems as represented by three representative systems: space systems, aerial systems and robotic systems.

9579 РУБ



Ali Abedi Wireless Sensor Systems for Extreme Environments. Space, Underwater, Underground, and Industrial

Provides unique coverage of wireless sensor system applications in space, underwater, underground, and extreme industrial environments in one volume This book covers the challenging aspects of wireless sensor systems and the problems and conditions encountered when applying them in outer space, under the water, below the ground, and in extreme industrial environments. It explores the unique aspects of designs and solutions that address those problems and challenges, and illuminates the connections, similarities, and differences between the challenges and solutions in those various environments. The creation of Wireless Sensor Systems for Extreme Environments is a response to the spread of wireless sensor technology into fields of health, safety, manufacturing, space, environmental, smart cities, advanced robotics, surveillance, and agriculture. It is the first of its kind to present, in a single reference, the unique aspects of wireless sensor system design, development, and deployment in such extreme environments—and to explore the similarities and possible synergies between them. The application of wireless sensor systems in these varied environments has been lagging dramatically behind their application in more conventional environments, making this an especially relevant book for investigators and practitioners in all of these areas. Wireless Sensor Systems for Extreme Environments is presented in five parts that cover: Wireless Sensor Systems for Extreme Environments—Generic Solutions Space WSS Solutions and Applications Underwater and Submerged WSS Solutions Underground and Confined Environments WSS Solutions Industrial and Other WSS Solutions This book is a welcome guide for researchers, post-graduate students, engineers and scientists who design and build operational and environmental control systems, emergency response systems, and situational awareness systems for unconventional environments.

10497.42 РУБ



Dean Karnopp C. System Dynamics. Modeling, Simulation, and Control of Mechatronic Systems

An expanded new edition of the bestselling system dynamics book using the bond graph approach A major revision of the go-to resource for engineers facing the increasingly complex job of dynamic systems design, System Dynamics, Fifth Edition adds a completely new section on the control of mechatronic systems, while revising and clarifying material on modeling and computer simulation for a wide variety of physical systems. This new edition continues to offer comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of bond graphs, using these important design tools to help readers better understand the various components of dynamic systems. Covering all topics from the ground up, the book provides step-by-step guidance on how to leverage the power of bond graphs to model the flow of information and energy in all types of engineering systems. It begins with simple bond graph models of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems, then goes on to explain in detail how to model more complex systems using computer simulations. Readers will find: New material and practical advice on the design of control systems using mathematical models New chapters on methods that go beyond predicting system behavior, including automatic control, observers, parameter studies for system design, and concept testing Coverage of electromechanical transducers and mechanical systems in plane motion Formulas for computing hydraulic compliances and modeling acoustic systems A discussion of state-of-the-art simulation tools such as MATLAB and bond graph software Complete with numerous figures and examples, System Dynamics, Fifth Edition is a must-have resource for anyone designing systems and components in the automotive, aerospace, and defense industries. It is also an excellent hands-on guide on the latest bond graph methods for readers unfamiliar with physical system modeling.

11997.76 РУБ



Hebertt Sira-Ramirez Algebraic Identification and Estimation Methods in Feedback Control Systems

Algebraic Identification and Estimation Methods in Feedback Control Systems presents a model-based algebraic approach to online parameter and state estimation in uncertain dynamic feedback control systems. This approach evades the mathematical intricacies of the traditional stochastic approach, proposing a direct model-based scheme with several easy-to-implement computational advantages. The approach can be used with continuous and discrete, linear and nonlinear, mono-variable and multi-variable systems. The estimators based on this approach are not of asymptotic nature, and do not require any statistical knowledge of the corrupting noises to achieve good performance in a noisy environment. These estimators are fast, robust to structured perturbations, and easy to combine with classical or sophisticated control laws. This book uses module theory, differential algebra, and operational calculus in an easy-to-understand manner and also details how to apply these in the context of feedback control systems. A wide variety of examples, including mechanical systems, power converters, electric motors, and chaotic systems, are also included to illustrate the algebraic methodology. Key features: Presents a radically new approach to online parameter and state estimation. Enables the reader to master the use and understand the consequences of the highly theoretical differential algebraic viewpoint in control systems theory. Includes examples in a variety of physical applications with experimental results. Covers the latest developments and applications. Algebraic Identification and Estimation Methods in Feedback Control Systems is a comprehensive reference for researchers and practitioners working in the area of automatic control, and is also a useful source of information for graduate and undergraduate students.

14249.08 РУБ



Lim Eng Hock Compact Multifunctional Antennas for Wireless Systems

Offers an up-to-date description of modern multifunctional antenna systems and microwave components Compact multifunctional antennas are of great interest in the field of antennas and wireless communication systems, but there are few, if any, books available that fully explore the multifunctional concept. Divided into six chapters, Compact Multifunctional Antennas for Wireless Systems encompasses both the active and passive multifunctional antennas and components for microwave systems. It provides a systematic, valuable reference for antenna/microwave researchers and designers. Beginning with such novel passive components as antenna filters, antenna packaging covers, and balun filters, the book discusses various miniaturization techniques for the multifunctional antenna systems. In addition to amplifying and oscillating antennas, the book also covers design considerations for frequency- and pattern-reconfigurable antennas. The last chapter is dedicated to the field of solar cell integrated antennas. Inside, readers will find comprehensive chapters on: Compact Multifunctional Antennas in Microwave Wireless Systems Multifunctional Passive Integrated Antennas and Components Reconfigurable Antennas Receiving Amplifying Antennas Oscillating Antennas Solar cell integrated Antennas Aimed at professional engineers and researchers designing compact antennas for wireless applications, Compact Multifunctional Antennas for Wireless Systems will prove to be an invaluable tool.

8502.32 РУБ



Eriksson Lars Modeling and Control of Engines Drivelines

Control systems have come to play an important role in the performance of modern vehicles with regards to meeting goals on low emissions and low fuel consumption. To achieve these goals, modeling, simulation, and analysis have become standard tools for the development of control systems in the automotive industry. Modeling and Control of Engines and Drivelines provides an up-to-date treatment of the topic from a clear perspective of systems engineering and control systems, which are at the core of vehicle design. This book has three main goals. The first is to provide a thorough understanding of component models as building blocks. It has therefore been important to provide measurements from real processes, to explain the underlying physics, to describe the modeling considerations, and to validate the resulting models experimentally. Second, the authors show how the models are used in the current design of control and diagnosis systems. These system designs are never used in isolation, so the third goal is to provide a complete setting for system integration and evaluation, including complete vehicle models together with actual requirements and driving cycle analysis. Key features: Covers signals, systems, and control in modern vehicles Covers the basic dynamics of internal combustion engines and drivelines Provides a set of standard models and includes examples and case studies Covers turbo- and super-charging, and automotive dependability and diagnosis Accompanied by a web site hosting example models and problems and solutions Modeling and Control of Engines and Drivelines is a comprehensive reference for graduate students and the authors’ close collaboration with the automotive industry ensures that the knowledge and skills that practicing engineers need when analysing and developing new powertrain systems are also covered.

10268.69 РУБ



Ligang Wu Sliding Mode Control of Uncertain Parameter-Switching Hybrid Systems

In control theory, sliding mode control (SMC) is a nonlinear control method that alters the dynamics of a nonlinear system by application of a discontinuous control signal that forces the system to slide along a cross-section of the systems normal behaviour. In recent years, SMC has been successfully applied to a wide variety of practical engineering systems including robot manipulators, aircraft, underwater vehicles, spacecraft, flexible space structures, electrical motors, power systems, and automotive engines. Sliding Mode Control of Uncertain Parameter-Switching Hybrid Systems addresses the increasing demand for developing SMC technologies and comprehensively presents the new, state-of-the-art sliding mode control methodologies for uncertain parameter-switching hybrid systems. It establishes a unified framework for SMC of Markovian jump singular systems and proposes new SMC methodologies based on the analysis results. A series of problems are solved with new approaches for analysis and synthesis of switched hybrid systems, including stability analysis and stabilization, dynamic output feedback control, and SMC. A set of newly developed techniques (e.g. average dwell time, piecewise Lyapunov function, parameter-dependent Lyapunov function, cone complementary linearization) are exploited to handle the emerging mathematical/computational challenges. Key features: Covers new concepts, new models and new methodologies with theoretical significance in system analysis and control synthesis Includes recent advances in Markovian jump systems, switched hybrid systems, singular systems, stochastic systems and time-delay systems Includes solved problems Introduces advanced techniques Sliding Mode Control of Uncertain Parameter-Switching Hybrid Systems is a comprehensive reference for researchers and practitioners working in control engineering, system sciences and applied mathematics, and is also a useful source of information for senior undergraduate and graduates studying in these areas.

11618.58 РУБ



Shapiro Moshe Quantum Control of Molecular Processes

Written by two of the worlds leading researchers in the field, this is a systematic introduction to the fundamental principles of coherent control, and to the underlying physics and chemistry. This fully updated second edition is enhanced by 80% and covers the latest techniques and applications, including nanostructures, attosecond processes, optical control of chirality, and weak and strong field quantum control. Developments and challenges in decoherence-sensitive condensed phase control as well as in bimolecular control are clearly described. Indispensable for atomic, molecular and chemical physicists, physical chemists, materials scientists and nanotechnologists.

15096.5 РУБ



Nikhil Abraham Coding For Dummies

Coding For Dummies, (9781119293323) was previously published as Coding For Dummies, (9781118951309). While this version features a new Dummies cover and design, the content is the same as the prior release and should not be considered a new or updated product. Hands-on exercises help you learn to code like a pro No coding experience is required for Coding For Dummies, your one-stop guide to building a foundation of knowledge in writing computer code for web, application, and software development. It doesnt matter if youve dabbled in coding or never written a line of code, this book guides you through the basics. Using foundational web development languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, it explains in plain English how coding works and why its needed. Online exercises developed by Codecademy, a leading online code training site, help hone coding skills and demonstrate results as you practice. The site provides an environment where you can try out tutorials built into the text and see the actual output from your coding. Youll also gain access to end-of-chapter challenges to apply newly acquired skills to a less-defined assignment. So what are you waiting for? The current demand for workers with coding and computer science skills far exceeds the supply Teaches the foundations of web development languages in an easy-to-understand format Offers unprecedented opportunities to practice basic coding languages Readers can access online hands-on exercises and end-of-chapter assessments that develop and test their new-found skills If youre a student looking for an introduction to the basic concepts of coding or a professional looking to add new skills, Coding For Dummies has you covered.

1913.35 РУБ



Xavier Fernando N Radio over Fiber for Wireless Communications: From Fundamentals to Advanced Topics

A comprehensive evaluation of Fi-Wi, enabling readers to design links using channel estimation and equalization algorithms This book provides a detailed study of radio over fiber (ROF) based wireless communication systems, otherwise called fiber wireless (Fi-Wi) systems. This is an emerging hot topic where the abundant bandwidth of optical fiber is directly combined with the flexibility and mobility of wireless networks to provide broadband connectivity. Its application is increasing because of the growing demand for broadband wireless services. In such a system the transmission of the radio signals over a fiber is an important task. This book provides substantial material on the radio over fiber part of the complete fiber-wireless system, including new research results on the compensation methods. The early chapters provide fundamental knowledge required for a non-expert engineering professional as well as senior/graduate level students to learn this topic from scratch. The latter part of the book covers advanced topics useful for researchers and senior students. Therefore, this book provides a comprehensive understanding of the system for readers who will gain enough knowledge to design Fi-Wi links of their own by learning how to develop Fi-Wi channel estimation and equalization algorithms. This concept is completely novel in current literature and has been patented by the author. Readers are expected to have a basic understanding of fiber optics and wireless communications to easily follow the book and to appreciate the concepts. Basics of the Fi-Wi system and signal processing approaches are clearly explained. It covers a multidisciplinary topic and acts as a bridge between optical and wireless communication domains. In the increasingly demanding telecommunications profession, engineers are expected to have knowledge in both optical and wireless communications and expected design combined/hybrid systems. Hence, the book is written in such a way that both optical and wireless professionals will be able to easily understand and perceive the concepts. follows a logical process from basic principles through to advanced topics, providing a wide range of interest for researchers, practicing engineers, students, and those required to build such networks explains detailed system design concepts and the limitations and advantages in each configuration, appealing to design engineers, and largely avoiding system specifics demonstrates the author’s exclusive patent, showing how to develop baseband signal processing algorithms for Fi-Wi systems, which is a key requirement for the successful deployment of Fi-Wi systems contains tables, numerical examples and case studies, facilitating a good quantitative understanding of the topic

10497.42 РУБ




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